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The unique projects which are being done by an elite integrated team distinguished by its creativity and passion in performing the projects and work, therefore, in Bani Limited Co., we strive to provide the best services, which enhance the concept of improvement and development.


We work according to the newest plans and trends, we design the projects to be a reality that can amaze our clients, we put a unique print in the world of modern design which can face the needs of our clients.


Implementation of all projects by the most skilled specialists in the construction and architectural field, using the best building and finishing materials,
and working serious to complete the project to the fullest.


Professional follow-up of our projects by our specialized team who are at the project site to be fully aware of the work mechanism and the extent of the commitment of the working cadres to hard and elaborate work, taking into account all safety and quality standards.

About us

Who we are

More than 32 years ago Bani Limited Co. was established, this long period of time has given us a terminal experience and complete knowledge about building and construction market in Saudi Arabia, and the different kinds of tastes and needs, so we work hard to be able to make the wishes of our clients of getting their own residence, or their company’s building, or their business project real, perfect and special, which enrich their days with the growing, development, and prosperity. In Bani Limited Co. according to the highest standards we are a high-professional team who has skills and professionality needed in the construction field starting with building up, ending with the finishing up which protect all the roof, walls, floors, and connections, in addition to the attachments that needed to show the artistic and modern touches to suit the aspirations of the clients, so we put his place into his hands just the way he dreamt of and wanted to be.
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فريق عمل الشركة
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شهادة تصنيف

We Work with quality .

Bani aims to meet all the requirements of its customers by high quality projects with high safety levels and finest and latest urban designs in the shortest possible time, this appears through the use of the latest construction equipment and best industrial materials and with high expertise and skilled hands to reach the aspirations of our customers and give them Safe construction and elegant design.

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