More than 32 years ago Bani Limited Co. was established, this long period of time has given us a terminal experience and complete knowledge about building and construction market in Saudi Arabia, and the different kinds of tastes and needs, so we work hard to be able to make the wishes of our clients of getting their own residence, or their company’s building, or their business project real, perfect and special, which enrich their days with the growing, development, and prosperity. In Bani Limited Co. according to the highest standards we are a high-professional team who has skills and professionality needed in the construction field starting with building up, ending with the finishing up which protect all the roof, walls, floors, and connections, in addition to the attachments that needed to show the artistic and modern touches to suit the aspirations of the clients, so we put his place into his hands just the way he dreamt of and wanted to be.

  • industrial facilities
  • Government Projects
  • Residential projects
  • Schools and Universities
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As we have the inveterate experience of the Saudi Arab market which lasts for decades contemporaries many generations, we get knowing with the different classes of society which gives us a mental image about their needs in the field of the construction, that image which we translate according to a clear and well-studied strategy with integrated engineering and construction plans, then we implement it seriously and skillfully to make it completed as a structured build to be delivered to the owner just at the agreed time, but of course in the middle of  success there must be challenges which we overcome  with the experience and the knowledge of the naturality of the work, so we take the simplicity and flexibility, which is taking leadership positions in the field of contracting particularly in the Saudi market, generally local and international as a  way to achieve our goals.


Some of Our Projects

109+Completed projects
47+Expert Engineers
30+Years of Experience